Microsoft’s Surface Duo Android phone is not delayed

Surface Duo

The dual-screened Surface Duo was announced last year in
October event and Microsoft promised to launch the product
during the holiday shopping season. In February,
multiple reports suggested that the device is ready for an
earlier release as the hardware has been finalized.

The health issues around the world might have pushed back the
launch of Surface Duo, but we have learned that Surface Duo is
still on track for 2020 release. Surface Duo is expected
to come with Android 10 and Microsoft is currently finalizing
the top-UI elements, animations, and Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft is also exploring Android 11 update for Surface Duo
and there’s a chance that the device will get Android 11
support shortly after its release.

Surface Duo will start shipping in 2020, but the timing details
haven’t been decided until now.

Microsoft’s summer release target has been impacted by ongoing
health issues and supply chain problems. The company is
rethinking its calendar to make sure it brings the Surface Duo
to the market at the right moment, but the work on the
Android-based Surface Duo phone is continuing and the phone
will launch later this year.

The launch date of Surface Duo is still nearly impossible to
anticipate at this point.

Surface Duo homescreen

Microsoft’s first-ever dual-screen Android phone features
a pair of 5.6-inch displays. Each display comes with with a
resolution of 1350 x 1800 and they create an 8.3-inch display
with a hinge in the middle.

The hinge and the device design is also based on patents
Microsoft had applied for in 2019, 2018 and
2017. Microsoft is using the Snapdragon 855 processor in
the device and the Windows maker has partnered with Google.

Google Play Store and possibly other Google services will be
pre-installed on the Duo, but Microsoft obviously will be
preloading its own Android apps. Surface Duo’s default browser
would be Edge and the phone will use Microsoft Launcher on top
of Android 10.

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