Microsoft’s Screen Sketch app rebrands as Snip & Sketch on Windows 10

Snip & Sketch
Image Courtesy: ChangeWindows

Microsoft is rolling out an update for Insiders in the Fast and
Skip Ahead Ring for Windows 10 that rebrands the Screen Sketch
app as “Snip & Sketch” along with improving its feature. Screen
Sketch, now known as Snip Sketch is supposed to replace the
built-in Windows Snipping Tool in future.

In addition to a new name, the updated app now also supports
new snipping options – snip now, snip in 3 seconds and snip in
10 seconds. The Snip & Tool is a UWP app available in the
Microsoft Store for Windows 10 devices and it possible to
capture screenshots with all the tools bundled into Snipping

“Quickly annotate screenshots, photos and other images with
your pen, touch, or mouse and save, paste or share with other
apps,” the store description of Snip & Sketch app reads.

The Snip & Sketch app features a modern UI and extra features
that also supports pens and users can users can start a snip by
simply clicking the back of the stylus.

If you’re interested, you can download the app from the
Microsoft Store.

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