Microsoft’s Outlook is getting text predictions feature

Outlook web

Microsoft is working on a new feature for Outlook that will
predict what you’ll write next as you type in the body of an
email. Like Gmail’s Smart Composes, Microsoft’s Outlook will
also use smart technology to suggest the best word that writers
can use while composing an email.

The feature is called “text predictions” and Microsoft is
currently developing it for Outlook on the Web.

It looks like Outlook’s text predictions feature would be very
similar to Gmail’s Smart Compose and it will be released to
consumers later this month. As you write in Outlook,
suggestions to complete sentences will appear in a lighter text
and you will need to hit the Tab key to insert the suggestion.

Gmail smart compose
Gmail’s Smart Compose

It’s likely that text predictions will get better at
recognizing how you write and understand context when you use
the feature more. Microsoft says Outlook will use ‘smart
technology’, presumably artificial intelligence to understand
the context and suggest you the correct phrases.

Once turned on, you should see a ‘suggestion’ the next time you
begin a new email and it will prompt you to press the tab key
whenever you see a prediction you would like to accept.

Outlook text predictions

Schedule emails on Outlook web

When sending emails or replying back to emails, there are times
where you would not like to reply immediately. Outlook desktop
app has allowed users to send an outgoing message on a delay,
but the feature has been missing on the web version of Outlook

According to the roadmap, Microsoft is finally planning to
add an option to schedule emails to Outlook Web.

“Outlook is adding the option to schedule when you want to send
an email message,” the company noted.

While the text prediction feature is expected to begin rolling
out later this month, Microsoft says message schedule support
for Outlook Web will arrive in the second quarter of 2020.

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