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Microsoft’s original Lumia 950 prototype had interesting gestures

Lumia 950
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Imagine the Microsoft Lumia 950 and Lumia 950
XL with a Surface Pen and smart gestures. That was the
original plan but Microsoft eventually removed these features
as the company decided to retrench its mobile efforts. Because
of this, Microsoft canceled many ideas and phones such as the

Lumia 960, Lumia 750 and the Lumia 850.

Cover with Glance screen support, Pen support, and gestures
were the ideas that Microsoft was considering at the time.

According to reports, Microsoft had produced a prototype of
Lumia 950 that not only featured pen but also gestures support.

Microsoft designed some interesting gestures for the Lumia 950
that would have made it smarter. The feature was supposed to
help users “interact naturally with the phone.”

Screen and keyboard

Microsoft designed an interesting gesture that was supposed to
keep the screen on when the user is holding the phone. That
means if you’re holding the phone, the screen won’t dim
regardless of the activity and the display settings.

There is another gesture to detect and lock the phone
orientation regardless of the settings. That means the rotation
won’t change if you’re holding the phone in portrait mode and
you lay down on your bed.

Call and alarms gestures

  • Ability to answer calls by raising the phone to your ear.
  • Flipping the phone onto its screen to ignore a call.
  • Putting the phone in a pocket to hang up a call.
  • There is another gesture where the speaker would turn on
    automatically when you put the phone down onto a table when
    attending a call.
  • Ability to silence the call when you hold the phone or when
    you cover the screen using a cover or something else.
  • Microsoft also designed gestures to silence an alarm by
    allowing users to flip the phone over, hold the phone or put
    the cover on the screen.

The last gesture was supposed to trigger the company’s digital
assistant when the user raises the phone to their ear.

Some other interesting ideas

Lumia 950 vision

Microsoft’s Lumia 950 was originally supposed to launch with
support for Surface Phone and Microsoft was also working on
an optional smart cover that would work with the Glance

Microsoft lacked the faith to release the Windows Phones in the
form it originally intended to.

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