Microsoft’s next-gen Surface device appears in FCC certification

Surface FCC

We’ve heard a few things about the rumoured Surface Pro 8 and
Surface Go 3, and it seems like these devices are a step closer
to launch. Microsoft recently applied for FCC certification for
a “portable computing device”, likely to be the Surface Pro 8,
and it seems to have appeared in the FCC certification this

The FCC certification is titled
“Microsoft Corporation Portable Computing Device” with the
following identification numbers: C3K2010, C3K-2010, C3K
2010, C3K2010, C3K2O1O, and C3K20I0. “Portable Computing
Device” is a very generic term previously used for products
like Surface Pro, Surface Go and even Surface Laptop.

As we’re slowly gearing ourselves up for an approaching launch,
it’s likely that we’ll learn more about the device in the
coming days. Unfortunately, today’s FCC clearance tell us
nothing about the unknown Surface product, but our sources have
told us that Surface Pro 8 will ship with noticeable design

Additionally, Microsoft has also received FCC approval for an Intel
LAN module, possibly for the Surface Pro 8. The FCC ID is
“1983” and the product is called “Wireless LAN Module”.

Surface FCC certification

This filing indicates that Microsoft’s Surface Pro 8 or any
other device from the lineup will support WiFi 6 from Intel’s
AX201 adapter.

The external images feature Intel’s Wi-Fi 6 AX201D2W (WiFi 6
802.11ax13, Bluetooth 5.0, HE160, VHT160, CNVio, DFS), and this
particular adapter supports Wi-Fi standard known as 802.11ax as
well as the latest version of Bluetooth 5.

We’ve also spotted an FCC filing
for “Wireless Input Accessory Device”, which could be a new
mouse from the tech giant.

Surface Pro 8 and Surface Go 3 rumours

we reported back in February, Surface Pro 7+ was meant for
business users only and Microsoft has been internally testing
Surface Pro 8 for consumers. The Surface Pro 8 is on its way
and it will be announced during the company’s September 22
event and it will begin shipping in the next few weeks.

The design of the Surface Pro 8 will be familiar and we’re not
expecting a complete overhaul, but you can expect minor design
improvements. The device could have slimmer bezels, similar to
the Surface Pro X, but only time will tell.

We’re also expecting Surface Go 3 with upgraded internal specs.
If we had to guess, the Surface Go 3 will be equipped with the
latest and Windows 11-compatible processor from Intel.

In addition to the new Surface Pro and Go models, Microsoft is
also believed to be working on Surface Book and Laptop

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