Microsoft’s new Windows 10 game hints at mythical Andromeda

Surface Phone concept

The hardcore fans have always hoped that Microsoft would
get its stuff together and launch the highly-anticipated
mythical Surface Phone. The rumours of Surface Phone dates back
to late 2015 and the mythical phone has made the news every
once in a while in the last couple of years.

Microsoft is no longer developing Surface Phone which was
supposed to be a smartphone but instead the company is working
on a foldable mobile-type device codenamed Andromeda because
the phone market is saturated. The rumoured device is still
referred to as Surface Phone by some users since its a familiar
moniker and easier to remember.

Microsoft has recently published a new game titled Miami Street in the
Windows 10’s app store for PCs, and it appears to be
designed to run on the rumoured Andromeda. It is also worth
noting that Microsoft hasn’t yet officially announced this game
and interestingly the app package metadata has confirmed
that the game could be played on Andromeda OS.

“You’re invited to the world’s hottest street racing scene to
win the car collection of your dreams! Enter an event, pick
your lineup of cars, and choose who to challenge as you race
your way to victory. Every race is a chance to win a
performance icon from an ever-growing lineup of incredible
cars. Miami Street is purpose-built to be played anytime,
anywhere, and to delight anyone who loves cars,” the store
description reads.

It looks like Microsoft has mistakenly published the game and
if that’s the case, it could be pulled from the Store anytime.

Miami Street

Microsoft killed the Windows Phone platform last year, and it
wasn’t surprising, especially given the mistakes the software
giant has made in the smartphone world. But despite all
the bad news, the diehard Windows Phone fans have always
been hoping that the company will announce the mythical mobile

The people are still waiting for the mythical Andromeda
foldable device with new
Windows Core OS to see daylight by end of this year.
The millions of Windows Phone fans had to switch to
Android or iOS because of an obvious reason.

The phone market is saturated, and there’s no innovation
happening, the new smartphones are just slabs of glass with
thin bezels, long battery life, fingerprint readers and minor
software upgrades. Even if tomorrow Microsoft launches a
smartphone, making it successful in 2018 is very
hard, and there will be no reason for customers to switch or
upgrade to another smartphone.

By the looks of things, the potential Andromeda device would be
able to make a difference as it won’t be yet another

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