Microsoft’s new Edge browser preview is coming soon but there’s no ETA

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Microsoft last year announced that the
company is planning to replace Edge, which uses the
home-grown EdgeHTML rendering engine, with a new browser under
the same brand. Microsoft’s new Chromium-based browser will use
Blink, a rendering engine that currently powers Google Chrome
and is developed by the open-source Chromium community and

Microsoft’s new Edge experience could come with a new interface
and it may not look like the Chromium browsers. Microsoft would
use Chromium’s code, Blink rendering engine, V8 JavaScript
engine to produce a new web browsing experience while retaining
its own appearance.

Microsoft will be using Chromium codes and also making
contributions to the Chromium open source project. In near
future, you can expect the
performance of Chromium-based browsers to get better. For
Microsoft has plans to improve accessibility features in

Updated Microsoft Edge’s first preview build coming soon

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Microsoft last year confirmed that Insiders and developers will
have the option of trying out the new Edge starting in early
2019. Microsoft is expected to release the first preview of the
updated Edge browser in early 2019, but it’s February and there
is no announcement from Microsoft.

Earlier this week, Microsoft Edge engineer Kyle Pflug confirmed
that the preview builds of new Edge browser will come out soon.
Microsoft is still targeting the ‘early 2019’ timeline, but the
company can’t commit to specific timing just yet.

“We’re working on getting preview builds out as soon as
possible – “early 2019” is still the idea, but we want to make
sure the first preview is a great experience, so we’re not
quite ready to commit to something more specific than that just
yet. Stay tuned,” Kyle said in a Reddit post.

Kyle emphasised that the Microsoft plans to make this new Edge
browser available as a separate download and you won’t need
Windows 10 preview builds to run it.

“We can’t commit to specific timing just yet, but we do plan to
make this available as a separate download, so you can install
whether or not you’re configured for Windows Insider builds,”
Kyle said in another Reddit

Edge browser

Microsoft’s decision to move to Chromium is also expected to
make developers’ lives easier as it would allow developers to
build web pages and test against Edge just like they do for
other cross-platform, Chromium-based browsers.

It is worth noting that Microsoft officials haven’t
revealed when they expect the new Edge to roll out to the
public, but based on the current schedule, it is unlikely to
happen anytime soon.

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