Microsoft’s new Edge browser is about to get even faster

Microsoft Edge browser

In 2018, Microsoft ceased producing its own web browsing engine
in favour of Google supported Chromium. The key differentiators
between the new Edge and Chromium-based browsers are its user
interface, smooth scrolling, a customizable start page
experience,  Collections, and transparent privacy

Microsoft wants its Windows 10 customers to give Edge a chance
and rather than merely using Chromium code, the company is
making Edge browser even faster. The browser relies on Google’s
Blink engine, which is also used in Chrome, but Microsoft has
managed to improve Edge’s overall performance.

Microsoft says Edge is getting toolchain optimizations, a
fundamental change that should improve the performance and
general browsing workloads.

According to Speedometer 2.0 benchmark, Microsoft Edge’s new
alpha version is 13% faster than the Microsoft Edge 79 (stable
build). Microsoft says it has measured Edge browser’s
performance jump by testing user interactions, DOM APIs, and
popular JavaScript frameworks used by top websites.

The 13% performance improvement claim is
based on tests that the firm ran on a Surface Pro 5 with Intel
Core i5-8250U, 8GB of RAM, and Windows 10 version 1909 Build

Microsoft says users can test the faster Edge by downloading
Canary and Dev builds. The company will also publish changes in
Edge 81 beta, which will be released later this month.

It’s not clear when the stable build of Chromium Edge will gain
performance improvements, but it should happen by summer.

In related news,
Microsoft recently updated its roadmap for Edge browser,
confirming Linux support and other new features. As per the
roadmap, the browser will gain the ability to sync extensions
across different devices later this month.

Microsoft is also considering tab preview feature, PDF file
navigation, and Fluent Design for Edge. An option to set a
custom photo as the New Tab Page background photo and support
for read-aloud of PDF files are also planned.

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