Microsoft’s new app brings Bing’s daily images to Windows 10

Windows 10 personalization

On Windows 10, you can personalize your desktop with custom
background images and colour accents. This experience is
getting better with Microsoft’s new app that will pull the
daily Bing images to your device and then set those as your
desktop background.

Microsoft says its new Win32 app ‘Bing Wallpaper’ will allow
users to change the desktop background to the same wallpaper
seen on Bing homepage as ‘image of the day. Essentially, this
app will finally let you officially use those Bing wallpapers
as your desktop background.

Bing Wallpaper is a desktop app and it is pretty lightweight
and straight forward. Once downloaded and installed, the app
would stay in the system tray. You can click on its icon to
learn more about the image of the day and the icon will also
let you change the wallpaper.

Bing wallpaper

Bing Wallpapers are typically images clicked by independent
photographs from around the world. If you use this app, you’ll
find images of landmarks, countries, animals, plants,
landscapes, rural and urban areas applied automatically to your

You can download and install the Bing Wallpaper app for free,
but it’s worth pointing out that extras are bundled with the
installer. The installer offers an option to set Bing as the
homepage in the browser and the default search provider in
Chrome, Firefox or Edge.

You should uncheck the options within the installer if you
don’t want to see unexpected changes to your browser’s default
search engine.

Bing wallpaper installer

Bing Wallpaper is not offered through the Microsoft Store, but
you can download it from here and
install it like any other legacy Win32 apps.

If you’re looking for an alternative, you should try the
Dynamic Theme from the Microsoft
Store, which sets a Bing curated image as your desktop
background and the app also allows you to directly save those
images for later use.

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