Microsoft’s game streaming service Mixer reaches 20M users, doubling in six months


News Brief: Mixer, Microsoft’s live game streaming service, has reached 20 million monthly active users. That’s up from 10 million six months ago. Microsoft said a majority of the growth is from mobile users. Mixer, which rolled out new updates last month on its one-year anniversary, competes with Twitch, the Amazon-owned streaming service that has more than 100 million users. Mixer integrates with Xbox and PC gaming. The announcement was part of Microsoft’s big day at the E3 gaming conference. Check out our coverage below:

  • Microsoft acquires four game studios, including Forza maker Playground Games, and creates ‘The Initiative’
  • Microsoft reveals it’s working on new Xbox consoles, doubling down on game hardware
  • Master Chief returns: Microsoft reveals ‘Halo Infinite’ for Xbox and PC during E3 keynote

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