Microsoft’s FY19 Q2 revenue report: Surface up, Windows OEM declines

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Microsoft yesterday reported its financial results for the FY19
Q2 which shows the company’s increase in revenue.
Unsurprisingly, the financial growth this time is the result of
the company’s cloud strategy.

The company posted revenue of $32.5 billion which is an
increase of 12% from the previous fiscal year. As a result, the
company’s net income has jumped to $8.4 billion.

The company’s investment in the cloud business continues to
bring rich dividends with Azure posting an increase of 76%. The
company also declared that the Server products and cloud
services have jumped to 24% with Intelligent Cloud reaching
$9.4 billion.

Microsoft revenue


Our strong commercial cloud results reflect our deep and
growing partnerships with leading companies in every industry
including retail, financial services, and healthcare,” said
Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft. “We are delivering
differentiated value across the cloud and edge as we work to
earn customer trust every day.”

With the debut of new Surface models the Surface Laptop 2 and
the Surface Pro 6, Microsoft’s Surface business has shown an
increased revenue growth by 39 percent.

Microsoft has also been busy promoting its gaming business
which has also shown an increase of 8% in the quarter with the
company’s Xbox software and services revenue growing at 31%.

LinkedIn has also been playing its part in the company’s
financial growth in the Q2 with its revenue increased to 29%
during the quarter. But the bad part for Microsoft has been the
modest revenue posted by Windows OEM which has declined 5% in
the first quarter of the fiscal year 2019.

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