Microsoft’s future Surface Pen can be used as a Bluetooth headset

Microsoft Surface Pen
Image Courtesy: Microsoft

AndroidTechNews.Com – The Surface Pen is still one of the best styluses you can buy.
The current generation stylus from the Redmond giant is well
integrated into Windows 10 and it attaches to the side of
the Surface Pro with strong magnets.

Surface Pens can only be used as a stylus, but this could
change soon if a new patent is brought to production. As per a
new patent, Microsoft might be working on a new version of
Surface Pen that can be used as a Bluetooth headset.

Microsoft plans to
make the body of the Surface Pen flexible, so the
stylus can be worn on your ear, just like a wireless
Bluetooth headset.

The patent titled “Flexible carpenter’s stylus with
dockable earpiece” was recently spotted online. It
explains a new technique that would allow the battery in the
stylus to power the earpiece. As the pen is flexible, the other
side of it can be used as a headset.

Surface Pen flexible patent
Image Courtesy: USPTO / Microsoft

Microsoft says the stylus can still be used for working on a
computing device. It has a flexible portion that has a dock to
hold a dockable wireless earpiece. The flexible portion is
bendable and can be turned into a headset, allowing users to
wrap it around the ears and listen to music.

The earpiece dock comes with the speakers, sound system and it
also uses the battery of the pen to power itself. Thus, the
device can be used as both – a full-featured stylus and a
modular Bluetooth headset.

Surface Pen bluetooth headset
Image Courtesy: USPTO / Microsoft

While we’d love to see this becoming a reality, the idea is
still a patent and it cannot be considered a confirmation of
Microsoft’s’ future plans. Like many other patents filed in
past, the device might never actually come to life.

In related news, Microsoft also applied for a
patent that aims to add display or status bar to the Surface
Pen. A display bar on Surface Pen may help users identify
the input shape, size, style or battery status.

Just like with the modular stylus patent, there is no guarantee
that Microsoft will actually launch a Surface Pen with the

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