Microsoft’s Bing is getting a new Spotlight feature in latest update

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Microsoft today has pushed out a new update for its Bing search
engine. The new feature called “Spotlight” provides overviews
of new topics which are shown in the Bing search results.

The feature shows the latest headlines and also a small rundown
of how the story is developing or developed over a period of
time. The overview which can be viewed in the search results is
of the major developing stories around the world.

The feature also lets the users to decide on which topic they
would like to know or read more into by clicking on the
articles. The feature is currently available for users on Bing
desktop and mobile web in the US.

Spotlight currently provides users with how the story has
developed over time along with showing some of the related
posts on social media sites which have been posted from people
around the world.

Bing monitors millions of queries on a daily basis, identifies
stories that have evolved over a period of weeks. The search
engines also collects the data of the users queries and browser
log along with documents signals from publishers like how many
publishers cover a story and more.

Microsoft has added a Perspective module to Bing which shows
different view points from high quality sources for
controversial topics. Microsoft has laid down certain
Guidelines based on the originality, readability and
transparency for the source to be considered as a highest

Microsoft is working on providing broader context for stories
from politics to business and more. The company in future
updates is expected to push out more features like expanding
the number of topics spotlight covers.

Microsoft is working on leveraging learning algorithms which
help the Bing index to identify top sources for national news
according to the category or article. To try the new
experience you can search for major news topics like
self-driving cars on

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