Microsoft’s app to bring new Windows 10 Search experience

Windows 10 Search is currently the fastest way to find local
files, settings or apps, but many users have reported that
Windows Search slows down when searching for certain files or
that Search isn’t working as expected.

Microsoft recommends users to trim down the number of files
being indexed to improve the performance of Windows Search.
However, searching from the Start menu is still slower for some
users even after applying the workarounds.

Microsoft is quietly testing a new app that replaces Windows
10’s default search feature. Called PowerLauncher, the tool is
a product of Microsoft’s PowerToys that lets community and
Microsoft engineers work on interesting projects.

PowerToys such as Shortcuts manager and Batch file renamer were
recently released to allow Windows power users to
customize the OS for workflows.

Microsoft says the new tool ‘PowerLauncher’ will address the
rough areas of Windows Search and offer a faster experience.

“Windows users also pointed out that search is not fast enough
and it does not give results that are relevant to them. This
issue received the fourth most thumbs up (with 70+ thumbs up)
in the category of suggested PowerToy indicating that users are
interested in this PowerToy,” wrote
Jessica Yuwono, an engineer part of Microsoft PowerToys group.

Microsoft’s PowerLauncher, which is still being developed, will
offer a new experience that supports file, web, and apps. It
will also support Windows 10’s traditional search hotkey (Start
+ S).

Image Courtesy: Microsoft

According to a Microsoft engineer, PowerLauncher may come with
text suggestion, auto-completion on tab, and users will have
options to run a particular file or app in administrator mode
and PowerShell.

PowerLauncher’s focus is on performance and its proposed UI is
not as fancy or modern as Windows 10’s built-in Search.
However, an independent designer is collaborating with
Microsoft engineers to build the PowerLauncher with Fluent
Design interface.

PowerLauncher with Fluent
Fluent Design concept by an independent designer

Microsoft is considering the above Fluent Design concept for
PowerLauncher and the engineers will begin working on these
changes soon.

It’s not clear when Microsoft plans to publish PowerLauncher
for Windows 10, but the project is expected to arrive in the
second half of 2020. Keep in mind, however, that this is a
part Microsoft’s new initiative and the company has no plans to
ship the new utility via a Windows Update.

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