Microsoft Word and TurboTax get shoutouts in latest Democratic debate

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Pete Buttigieg is a “Microsoft Word guy,” and Mike Bloomberg can’t use TurboTax.

Computer software made an appearance during Wednesday’s Democratic debate, drawing laughs at the event in Las Vegas and jokes on Twitter.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren got the Microsoft Office train going when she called out Buttigieg for his healthcare plan. “It’s not a plan, it’s a PowerPoint,” she said.

Buttigieg responded: “I’m more of a Microsoft Word guy.”

This wasn’t the first Microsoft-related mention in a recent debate. This past October, Andrew Yang dissed Bing, the company’s search engine.

CNBC reporter Jordan Novet noted that Buttigieg’s campaign pays for Slack, the competitor to Microsoft’s Teams work communication app.

Later in the debate, Bloomberg was asked about releasing his tax returns.

“Fortunately, I make a lot of money,” said Bloomberg, the world’s ninth-richest person. “We do business all around the world. The number of pages will probably be thousands of pages. I can’t go to TurboTax.”

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