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Microsoft won’t release new Windows 10 optional updates

Windows 10 updates

Microsoft is pausing optional cumulative updates (non-security
patches) for Windows 10 due to a recent medical outbreak in
Asia, Europe and other parts of the world. Most people have to
deal with Windows 10 updates once every month and then
typically as part of the Microsoft’s annual feature updates.

In the “Windows as a service” era, feature or improvements
updates are released roughly every six months. On every second
Tuesday, Microsoft releases Windows 10 security updates for all
supported versions of the operating system.

Microsoft also releases optional updates, referred to as C and
D, where the third week is C and fourth week is D. These
optional updates are released with non-security improvements
and fixes, which are also bundled with Patch Tuesday update. In
fact, a
new optional update KB4541335 is being rolled to consumers
at the moment.

Today, Microsoft announced that it would pause the rollout of
Windows 10 optional updates to improve the quality of Windows
Updates during the medical outbreak. As part of its commitment
to the society, Microsoft will begin pausing optional updates
in May 2020, but nothing will change for the monthly “Patch
Tuesday” security updates.

“We have been evaluating the public health situation, and we
understand this is impacting our customers,” the company
explained today. For the next few months, Microsoft plans to
prioritize security fixes and improvements.

Windows 10 optional update

This change applies to all supported versions of Windows 10 for
both consumers and enterprises.

Because of the recent medical issues, weeks-long lockdown
period has been declared in various parts of the world, and a
lot of people are working from home, while others are streaming
entertainment contents on Windows. In other words, people are
relying more on their PC and internet usage has also increased

In many countries, government officials and health workers also
use Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system.

The Redmond firm says it will continue to release mandatory
Patch Tuesday updates and they’ll still install automatically.

Microsoft is hoping that pausing non-security Windows 10
updates will keep customers protected and productivity.

However, even with the paused rollout of optional updates,
there are still questions about whether Microsoft will be able
to maintain the security patches quality during the lockdown
period in Asia, Europe and the U.S.

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