Microsoft: Windows 11’s app store quality will be greatly improved

Windows 11 Store quality update

On June 24, Microsoft took the wraps off Windows 11, also known
as Sun Valley internally, with a new look for desktop and
native apps.

In addition to the fancy new interface, another major
announcement made was around the Microsoft Store. Microsoft is
redesigning the app store on Windows 11 and Windows 11, and
adding support for features like Amazon Appstore, desktop
programs, Microsoft Edge extensions, etc.

Windows 11 preview build 22000.51 is now available for beta
testing and it includes support for the brand-new Microsoft
Store. The store has been completely redesigned and some
full-fledged desktop apps like
OBS Studio, Canva and Zoom are now available for download.

It appears that Microsoft is also planning to improve Store
algorithms to surface quality apps in search results and
catalog. For end-users, search results will rank more quality
apps instead of guides or low-quality products, as shown in the
below screenshot.

Microsoft Store quality
Low quality search results in Microsoft Store

Similarly, Store catalog quality will be “greatly improved” in
the coming months, according to Microsoft.

It’s not yet clear how Microsoft is planning to improve the
experience for consumers, but it’s possible that the company
will be using app quality signals to ensure that higher-quality
apps are being surfaced. Misleading guide apps will be removed
or those apps will be ranked lower.

The new design for Microsoft Store

As you can see in the images above and below, Microsoft has
redesigned the Store from the ground up. The interface is now
optimized for content and scrolling/navigation is now more
responsive, thanks to the new WinUI scrollbar. Here’s a sneak
preview of new Store features.

Microsoft is also working on a new feature called “Stories”. As
the name suggests, the Stories feature can be used to display
rich edition content on the homepage of the Store to keep users
informed about new features.

According to Panos Panay, Microsoft wants the Store to be the
place for all your favourite apps and the company is hoping to
integrate other stores like Amazon Appstore into its own store

Store and browser integration

For those who prefer to download apps via web browsers,
Microsoft is also introducing a new pop-up store. This will
appear when you click a Microsoft Store badge on a web page,
and it will help you install the app without forcing you to
open the store.

In addition to consumer-centric improvements, Microsoft is also
introducing new developer policies for the Store. For example,
developers can publish any app to the Store regardless of the
framework technology. As a result, apps like OBS and Canva are
now available in the Store.

Similarly, developers can now use their own or third-party
e-commerce platform and avoid sharing profit with Microsoft.

According to the company, this new app store will be coming to
Windows 10 and Windows 11 PCs later this year

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