Microsoft will warn users if they keep using Windows 11 on a unsupported PC

Windows 11 is now
widely available for supported machines i.e devices that
meet the official system requirements. If you don’t the meet
requirements, you can still upgrade to Windows 11 by following
Microsoft’s documentation – which requires you to make simple
modifications to Registry.

If you’ve installed the operating system on a machine that
falls short, you will be warned via a new alert within the
Windows Settings app. In preview builds, Microsoft has
implemented a cautionary alert message in the hero (header) of
the Settings app that tells users that their devices do not
meet the minimum spec.

At the moment, the unsupported hardware alert appears within
the homepage of the Settings app and it’s not anything like a
Windows activation error. There’s always the possibility that
the notification could be expanded to warn users about future
consequences of running Windows 11 on unsupported devices, such
as lack of updates.

Windows 11 warning

The alert will direct users to an explanation page highlighting
why running Windows 11 on unsupported PCs may result in
incompatibility issues that won’t be covered by any
manufacturer warranty.

Microsoft has previously confirmed that running Windows 11 on
unsupported devices may experience serious issues due to “these
compatibility or other issues”.

“Devices that do not meet these system requirements will no
longer be guaranteed to receive updates, including but not
limited to security updates,” Microsoft warned.

We do know for sure that users running Windows 11 on
unsupported hardware is not going to break your device or make
it unusable if it is able to handle Windows 10 properly. That’s
because Windows 11 is essentially Windows 10 with a new design
and it runs smoothly on most of the existing hardware.

Even for those who can’t get Windows 11 after modifying Windows
Registry, you can still try third-party open-source apps to
upgrade devices falling short of the requirements announced by
the company.

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