Microsoft will support Edge browser on Windows 7 after EoL

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Windows 7 support ends in the morning of January 14 and the
operating system will gradually become vulnerable to security
issues. Windows 7 EoL (End of Life) means no more security
updates for users, but for Microsoft, it means increased
adoption of Windows 10 and no more customer service calls.

Microsoft will also not offer critical patches and support to
Windows 7 consumers, and the company suggests upgrading to a
newer version of Windows instead of using Windows 7.

It appears that users sticking with Windows 7 won’t have to
worry about updates for the web browsers. Recently, Google
confirmed that Chrome for Windows 7 will be supported until at
least July 15, 2021.

Microsoft has also said
that Chromium-based Edge, which will be released to Windows 7
customers and businesses on January 15, will have at least 18
months of feature and security updates.

Since Microsoft Edge uses Chromium source codes, most of the
features on Windows 7 wouldn’t be affected despite the end of
support. In the next 18 months, users can easily switch from
Windows 7 to Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge will pick up from
where they left off.

Windows 7 is still popular

According to NetMarketShare and StatCounter, the
world is not yet ready to ditch Windows 7 for Windows 10.
The latest market share data revealed that at least 26%
desktops use Windows 7.

After January 14, if you’re a consumer, you have to upgrade to
Windows 10 for regular updates from Microsoft. If you work for
a organization or business, and the PC is joined to a domain,
your employer could pay Microsoft a per-device fee for one year
of extended support.

While the third-party antivirus software, apps, and even
popular web browsers will remain supported, it would be very
risky to use Windows 7 in 2020. We wouldn’t recommend ignoring
the deadline.

For example, if a critical vulnerability like WannaCry is
discovered for Windows 7, it won’t be patched. There will be no
technical support for Windows 7 from Microsoft’s support team
if something goes wrong.

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