Microsoft will soon announce Windows 11 release date, rollout plans

Windows 11 release date new hint

Even though Microsoft said Windows 11 would be released in the
holiday season, we might not have to wait for long. According
to various documentations, teasers, and reports, the software
giant is planning to roll out Windows 11 in October 2021 to
compatible hardware from all partners.

Microsoft is yet to officially say anything about Windows 11
release, however, given that the company recently teased
October 2021 date during the event, it is not too far-fetched
to believe that a stable launch is around the corner.

Microsoft is currently planning to release the Windows 11
update in the third or fourth week of October and some believe that it
will be released on October 19. In fact, an announcement is
expected in the coming weeks and we’ll also learn more about
the updated CPU requirements soon.

It’s worth noting that October won’t see a widespread rollout
of Windows 11. In other words, only selected devices will
receive the update over-the-air (OTA) rollout, suggesting that
the company will ask interested users to download Windows 11
manually using tools or media images.

It will automatically reach the users devices via Windows
Update in the coming months and a wider rollout is expected in
early 2022 as the company has done in the past.

Windows 11’s October 2021 release date is almost confirmed

As we mentioned at the outset, Microsoft officials have said
that Windows 11 will launch in ‘Holiday 2021’ which is a bit
vague. A document from Microsoft also suggests Windows 11 could
come out in late October, or possibly November.

These documents do not explicitly mention a date, but they do
suggest that Microsoft is currently targeting the October
launch. Microsoft has already given hardware makers a late
September deadline to get drivers prepared and submitted for
the initial release of the operating system.

In addition to Microsoft, Intel also confirmed that Windows 11
will be released in October 2021, alongside
Windows 10 version 21H2.

Windows 11 will be officially supported on Intel 8th-gen or
newer processors, but support for the 7th-gen processors is
currently being considered.

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