Microsoft will replace Surface Pro 4 devices with screen flickering

Surface Pro 4.
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Microsoft launched the Surface Pro 4 device a couple of years
ago. Last year several
reports claimed that some units have screen flickering
issues. The screen flickering issue was expected to be a
hardware related with temporary workarounds posted on
Microsoft’s support forums.

Some reports claimed that the customers have been complaining
about screen flickering issues for nearly a year.

Microsoft last week acknowledged that the screen
flickering issue is indeed affecting some Surface Pro 4
devices. Microsoft has launched a new program which aims to
replace the defective laptops purchased a couple of days ago.

With the replacement program, users affected with the
flickering issue will be able to replace their devices with a
refurbished device. Microsoft confirmed that the flickering
issue cannot be resolved with a driver or firmware update and
hence the company has asked the users to take the opportunity
with the replacement program.

It is worth noting that only “a small percentage of Surface Pro
4 devices” are exhibiting this problem.

“We have heard your feedback and after careful examination,
have determined that a small percentage of Surface Pro 4
devices are exhibiting a screen flicker that cannot be
addressed with a firmware or driver update,” Microsoft said.

Microsoft has laid down some conditions for Surface Pro 4
owners to be eligible for the Replacement Program. The
company also confirmed that both consumers and commercial
customers are eligible for the Replacement Program albeit they
need to fall in the below category.

  • The Surface Pro 4 owners need to make sure that their
    devices are having the latest update running on their devices.
  • The devices with the latest software installed should still
    be having the screen flickering issue.
  • The devices should not have been repaired with components
    from third-party unauthorized sellers. The devices which were
    previously serviced by unauthorized sellers are also not
    eligible for the program.

Users falling under the above conditions will then need to
contact the Microsoft Support Agent and request a refurbished
Surface Pro 4 device which will be delivered within 5 to 8
business days after the existing device has been returned to
the company.

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