Microsoft will begin pushing new Edge to Windows 10 next week

Microsoft Edge on Windows 10
Image Courtesy: Microsoft

The era of the traditional Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer
successor will come to an end as the Chromium-based Edge would
begin replacing the old browser next week.

As we previously reported, new Microsoft Edge will be pushed
via a Windows Update, but depending on your configuration the
new browser may or may not be released for download.

In a new update to its documentation, Microsoft says it won’t
push Chromium Edge to everyone and users will have full

Microsoft has again stated that Windows 10 PCs with Home and
Pro editions will be offered the Chromium Edge via Windows
Update. In other words, Windows Update will automatically
download the new browser and replace the original Edge as the
new default browser.

Microsoft Edge for Windows

It’s also worth pointing out that the new Microsoft Edge will
land via a standalone update and it won’t be bundled with
Windows 10’s January 2020 cumulative updates. The browser will
be published on January 15 and you will receive the monthly
cumulative update on January 14

This only applies to devices running Windows 10 November 2019
Update, May 2019 Update, October 2018 Update and April 2018

Microsoft clarified that it has no plans to push the browser to
enterprises or businesses automatically over a Windows Update.

“As a general rule, we don’t like making unexpected changes to
enterprise devices, so we don’t intend to automatically push to
Servers. That said the new Edge runs on all Server editions
starting from 2008 R2, so admins can definitely install it on
those servers if they choose,” Microsoft said.

Consumers can block Edge update

If you don’t want to lose access to current or classic
Microsoft Edge, you can use ‘Blocker Toolkit’ and block
the installation of Edge from Windows Update.

Users can still manually download and install Microsoft Edge on
Windows 10 Home, Pro or Enterprises. Additionally, you can
install multiple versions of Chromium-based Edge such as Canary
or Dev after Windows Update replaces the classic Edge.

Once installed, Microsoft will be updating Edge browser
independently of the Windows 10 feature updates.

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