Microsoft warns Windows 10 bug behind black screen, browser data loss

Windows 10 bugs

Earlier this year, Microsoft released Windows 10 May 2020
Update with Windows Sandbox improvements, Cloud Recovery, and
more. Last month, Microsoft shipped another feature update
called “October 2020 Update”, but there’s at least one
underlying issue that remains unpatched and it’s now hitting
more users.

In a new support document, Microsoft confirmed that a bug in
Windows 10 version 2004 was behind black screen issue. The
black screen issue was primarily observed on external monitors
and it also affected Office productivity suite, but some users
reported similar issues on their primary monitor.

A new cumulative update, which is currently available via
Windows Update, finally fixes the black screen woes. The
problem was first reported in May and it was causing the screen
to go black primarily when drawing using an Office app.

The fix also applies to Windows 10 October 2020 Update because
both the operating systems share the same core components.

Browser data loss bug

Windows 10 version 2004 and newer are also plagued with notable
issues for Chromium browser and Microsoft’s own apps. Following
the May 2020 Update, users have been reporting that Chrome and
Edge browsers have stopped sycning their data, and their
browsing data is reset automatically upon a reboot.

In August, Microsoft sources told us that the company is aware
of the issues and actively investigating the root cause, but
the problem remains unresolved as of November 2020.

Over the past few weeks, more users started reporting that
Windows 10 is deleting cookies off of their devices. When this
happens, Chrome or other apps will ask users to sign in upon
every since reboot.

Microsoft and Google both are aware of the problem, and the fix
is expected to arrive later this year.

“We (Microsoft) are working on a fix for this issue, but due to
the nature of WindowsUpdates, it will, unfortunately, be a
while longer until we can release it via a monthly servicing
update,” Microsoft said.

For now, there’s no proper fix, but you can try to mitigate the
problem by deleting tasks from Windows 10’s Task Scheduler.

As we reported earlier this week, Microsoft is also aware of

issues with Office updates in Windows 10 and broken sleep

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