Microsoft updates UWP File Explorer with new features as it prepares for Windows Core OS

UWP File Explorer

Microsoft has never publicly confirmed that the company is
working on
Windows Core OS but it’s no secret that the software giant
is upgrading apps and other parts of the Windows 10 operating
systems to be more modern and adaptive.

Microsoft has quietly updated the hidden UWP File Explorer in
Windows 10 version 1809 (Redstone 5) with new features and
other improvements. The sources familiar with the development
claims that Microsoft is still working on UWP File Explorer as
the software maker prepares the apps and services for Windows
Core OS.

For those unfamiliar, Windows Core OS is the codename of
Microsoft’s upcoming modular platform and it’s supposed to
power multiple form-factors including the tablets, dual-screen
devices, desktops and large-screen devices.

UWP File Explorer left pane

The UWP File Explorer in Windows 10 Redstone 5 comes with the
following features:

  • The right-click menu has been updated with the new cut
    option and noticeable Fluent Design changes.
  • You can now drag and drop files between folders and drives.
  • You can right-click any image to set it as the desktop
  • Microsoft has moved the toolbar from the bottom of the
    screen to the top for better accessibility.

UWP File Explorer makes sense on Windows Core OS

The report states that Microsoft is developing the UWP File
Explorer internally for the rumoured Windows Core OS. A UWP
File Explorer is lightweight and less-resource hungry and the
development is meant for Windows Core OS rather than the
current Windows 10 platform.

The devices such as the rumoured dual-screen Andromeda and
tablets would benefit from the stripped down version of the
file manager.

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