Microsoft unveils Windows Collaboration Displays, a new category of devices

Windows Collaboration Displays

At Computex in Taipei, Microsoft today announced new
Windows Collaboration Displays from Avocore and Sharp. The
company says this is a ‘new category’ of devices with Windows
10, and it’s supposed to empower employees and offices
around the world. With Windows Collaboration Displays, the
partners are taking the Surface
Hub 2 to the next level.

The partners are developing the Windows Collaboration Displays
and it works just like the Surface Hub. The devices would allow
the employees to leverage Office, Teams, and Whiteboard at room
scale, and it works more or less like the Surface Hub 2.
Microsoft partners Avocore and Sharp are getting into the
business of large Windows PCs, and more OEMs including Lenovo
will join the push in the coming months and years.

The employees with the Windows Collaboration Displays will
be able to use apps and services powered by Microsoft 365.

The first-generation Windows Collaboration Displays
from Sharp features a 70-inches large
display. It also comes with a high-resolution conference
camera. The other details of the hardware are unknown at the

At the same event, Microsoft also announced a new version
of Windows 10 IoT Core, called IoT Core Services. Core
Services is a paid software and the devices using this new
option will be provided with 10 years of support. The Core
Services would help enterprises focus on stability, and it also
comes with Device Health Attestation (DHA) that would
allow business to the raise the bar for security.

“For Microsoft, it’s more than just screens and devices; it’s
about creating services and experiences with technology that
support ambitions and aspirations,” Nick Parker, corporate
vice president, Consumer and Device Sales said. “Imagine the
devices and experiences we can create with ubiquitous
computing, infused with AI and connected to the cloud. This is
such an incredible time for the industry.”

The company also praised the Intelligent, Microsoft Office 365
and other advanced services aimed at enterprises.

As noted above, not much is known about the first-gen Windows
Collaboration Displays. What do you think about Windows
Collaboration Displays? Let us know your thoughts in the
comments below.

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