Microsoft to make cross-platform experiences with Windows 10 better

Timeline on Windows, Android and iOS
Image Courtesy: Richard Hay

Microsoft’s efforts to make Windows Phone a popular mobile
operating system turned out to be unsuccessful and they
eventually had to pull the plug on Windows 10 Mobile.
Microsoft has instead shifted their concentration to iOS and
Android. Microsoft has a lot of applications developed
exclusively for Android and iOS. The challenge that Microsoft
has is to make Android and iOS users to use their PC to access
the mobile devices and vice versa.

Windows Timeline is a great feature that helps users to keep
track and resume tasks which they have previously done in any
of their devices. The users can resume a task which they were
doing on their smartphone from their PC. This would make the
users feel like their PC becoming an extension or a second
screen to their smartphone. At Build 2018, Microsoft announced
that Windows Timeline feature was coming to Microsoft Launcher
for Android and since iOS doesn’t support any launchers,
Timeline would be coming to Edge browser on iOS. This
would make the smartphone a second screen to the PC.

Microsoft Launcher for Enterprise is powered by Microsoft
Intune and can be used to have a secure home screen for all
their job-related applications.

Your Phone app
Image Courtesy: Richard Hay

Another new feature Microsoft announced was “Your
Phone“. This will be available in a future update to
Windows 10. “Your Phone” will be able to synchronize texts and
notifications easily from your smartphone to your PC. Users can
see their text messages and notifications from the
app itself. There is a photos section which helps users to
access photos from their smartphone through their PC so that
they can view and edit those pictures in Microsoft Photos app.

Users will be able to reply to texts directly from the “Your
Phone” app. They can also interact with notifications on their
smartphone from their PC. The notifications will be grouped
according to their respective applications. Although Microsoft
didn’t announce at Build 2018, Cloud Clipboard will also be
coming with Your Phone application.

Your Phone app for Windows 10
Image Courtesy: Richard Hay

The idea here is to reduce the chances of users shifting their
focus from the PCs to their phone. If a user is working on
their PC and they get a notification on their phone, chances
are they will surely check their phone. By using an app like
Your Phone, the users can receive these notifications in their
PC itself so that they wouldn’t have to pause their work on
their PC. Microsoft hasn’t specified any timeframe as to when
these features will be coming to Windows 10, but more
information will be provided in the coming weeks.

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