Microsoft to improve quality of Windows 10 driver updates

Windows 10 November 2019 Update
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From time to time, we’ve seen reports of Windows Update
installing device drivers that are not compatible with the new
versions of the OS. Windows 10 drivers are often accidentally
pushed to devices and incompatible drivers cause various issues
including BSOD on some computers.

Last year, Intel accidentally pushed an incompatible audio
driver to Windows 10 devices through Windows Update and it
disabled audio for several users. In 2019, several Windows 10
updates were blocked due to driver compatibility issues.

When Microsoft becomes aware of driver incompatibilities with
Windows 10, it blocks affected devices from installing the new
version of Windows 10. Microsoft also informs its OEM partners
like HP, Lenovo or Dell when the company discover reports of
incompatible drivers.

Windows Update optional updates

According to an internal document, Microsoft has finally
changed the process of handling incompatible drivers. The new
process allows Microsoft partners such as Intel, HP, Dell and
Lenovo to request blockade for drivers from reaching Windows

After the partner has submitted the request, Windows Update
won’t offer the feature updates to devices running incompatible

“A temporary hold on offering an OS upgrade to a device. These
devices are blocked until the fix is released via servicing, at
which point the device is then unblocked. This does not impact
media installs,” the document reads.

“An issue that directly impacts the OS after upgrade, such as a
driver crash, BSOD or data loss, security issues, connectivity
loss, etc, for which a fix is in progress,” the company noted.

Patch Tuesday

Microsoft is working on another change that aims to block new
drivers from being installed through Windows Update a day
before and after Patch Tuesday.

Microsoft will also not push new drivers two days before and
after a Windows 10 feature update.

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