Microsoft to expand the capabilities of Notepad


Microsoft introduced the Notepad as a mouse-based text
editor. And Notepad has been included in all versions
of Microsoft Windows since Windows
1.0 which was released in 1985.

Even though it’s lack of functionality and lack of feature
compare to other popular text-editor, Notepad is still one of
the most used text-editor. Meanwhile, at Microsoft’s annual
developer conference Build 2018, company announced that
Notepad is getting support for the Unix/Linux and Macintosh
line endings. This is such a huge thing not only for
developers but also for users.

More recently, the last Windows 10 Insider Preview
Build 17666, Microsoft added a couple of more exciting
feature in Notepad. Microsoft integrating the Bing search
feature in Notepad. In order to invoke search all you have to
do is select the word or phrase and press Ctrl + B, or
right-click on selected text and hit “Search with Bing” or go
to Edit > Search with Bing.

This feature work just fine. Yes, as you expect it will launch
your default browser with a search query in But it
would be so much better if Microsoft brings some adaptive
card-based UI or something similar, (just like what we have in
Microsoft Edge Ask Cortana), so a user doesn’t have to leave
the Notepad at all.

Some users might find that Notepad is losing
its enticement but it really doesn’t. Microsoft is just
expanding the boundaries of it, and they are committed to
keeping the Notepad a simple tool. Of course, Microsoft is not
going to replace Notepad with a Universal Windows Platform app
any time soon, so just don’t worry about.

As of now, these new features are only available for the
Windows Insider who opted in to Skip Ahead branch and
Insider in Fast Ring. But it will be available to everyone with
the release of the Windows 10 Redstone 5 which is scheduled for
Fall 2018. We’ll soon hear more information about it from
Microsoft in upcoming months. Till that stay tuned to Windows
Latest for more updates.

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