Microsoft To Do to support List Sharing feature on Windows 10

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We have heard rumors earlier that Microsoft is working on a new
“List Sharing” option which would be introduced in its To Do
application for all platforms. Today the Redmond Giant in a
blog post has confirmed that the To Do application will be
getting the new List Sharing option next month.

The List Sharing option will be available for the To Do
application on iOS, Android, Windows 10 and Web. The List
Sharing option will be made available in the middle of June
with new version 1.32 which the company plans to roll out for
all platforms simultaneously.

The new option lets users to share any specific list with their
friends and family, colleagues by generating a link which can
be sent to the recipients as an email, via messaging
application or using the mobile platform.

The option helps users to be able to coordinate easily with a
limited number of team members and also it helps in
coordinating individually or one on one. The company is also
providing the users with the option of turning off the share
link and delete the generated link from the file info dialog to
have full control over the list.

“With our share link, we make it easy to coordinate and
collaborate in small teams and one-on-one. Just generate the
link and share with your team, family and friends via email,
SMS or app of your choice. Once you’ve accomplished your
project together, you’re free to stop sharing and turn off the
share link, remaining in control of your list.” Microsoft

The company off late has introduced many new features in its To
Do application on iOS, Android and Windows and with the new
List Sharing feature the company is making sure that more and
more users start using its To Do application.

The previous update with version 1.28 of To Do application
introduced Steps for Windows users along with iOS, Android and
Web. The addition of Steps allowed users to break the To Do
into smaller actionable pieces.

As reported the new List Sharing feature will be available in
the To Do application in mid-June. Do let us know your thoughts
about the new List Sharing feature in the comments below.

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