Microsoft to bring several new features for OneDrive Business users

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Yesterday at SharePoint Conference North America, Microsoft
reveal so many new features coming to the OneDrive Business
users. More interestingly, much-requested feature such as
automatic upload, new file-sharing experience finally arrives
to Onedrive for Business users.

Microsoft reveals that all new Photo scanning and sharing
experience with enhanced user capability is coming soon to
OneDrive for Business.

OneDrive Business user will see a small dedicated scan icon at
top right corner of the menu bar. With OneDrive’s built-in scan
functionality Microsoft made it easier to add it easier to scan
multiple documents instantly, change the file name or the
destination folder right in the new scan experience.

Furthermore, Microsoft also announced that automatic upload of
photos and videos captured with phone camera on iOS and Android
coming soon. Although it will only be available for OneDrive
Business users. Microsoft is also increasing the security. From
now on, a user will have to provide password everytime when
they share a file or folder with other people.

Apart from this, the ability to prevent users from downloading
files shared via view-only links is also coming soon. Microsoft
is also implementing the feature which allow the administrators
to transfer the ownership of the document or content to any
individual user in the organization. This is actually very
useful when a user leaves an organization.

In addition, at Conference, Microsoft also revealed that the
SharePoint is one of the most popular content collaboration
platform across the industry with over 400,000 customers across
the world. The company bringing new Artifical Intelligence and
Mixed Reality features for SharePoint such as intelligent
search. Integration with Microsoft Teams also coming to
SharePoint to create custom views, pin documents.

Microsoft will roll out these features in next couple of months
or so. In case if you missed it you can watch the SharePoint
Conference North America on demand here. For more upcoming
features you can check out the UserVoice from here, where you
can also add your voice, comment or upvote.

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