Microsoft teaser confirms Windows 11’s leaked desktop background

Microsoft has already confirmed the highly-anticipated “what’s
next for Windows” event for June 24, and while the company has
remained tight-lipped on what exactly is the “next generation
of Windows”, Microsoft keeps dropping teasers suggesting a
pretty big visual revamp is planned with Windows 11.

For those unfamiliar, Windows 11 is essentially the Sun Valley
update for Windows 10 with Windows 10X features. It is
currently projected to go live in the fall with improvements,
new features and a new user interface.

Ahead of the launch of the new Windows on June 24, the social
media handles of Microsoft have once again teased the operating
system. While no specifics have been provided, the teaser
features the reflection of the desktop in the eye of the model
and the background image is from the leaked build.

The teaser only shows the blue wallpaper and doesn’t reveal
much about the upcoming operating system, however, it is now
confirmed that the leaked build was legit and blue wallpaper
will definitely ship with the OS.

Apart from the official teaser, Microsoft has also updated the
profile and cover photo of its social media handles with the
same background image of Windows 11.

As you can see in the below screenshot, Microsoft’s Facebook
page for “Windows” has been updated with the new blue profile
and cover photo.

Windows 11 background

Windows 11 is more than just rounded corners, Start menu

Although the build of the update has already leaked online,
we’re still expecting June 24 announcement to be pretty big.

Codenamed Sun Valley, this new version of Windows is expected
to include an important refresh of various important
components, such as the
Start Menu and desktop. In addition to the leaked Start
menu, we’re also expecting
a brand new Windows Store, a consistent dark mode and
rounded corners experience in the final build.

Microsoft is also internally testing Windows Feature Experience
Packs, which are going to include important interface changes
for the OS.

For example, the Windows widgets (News and Interests
replacement) appears to be a part of the web experience pack
and it’s not tied to Windows Updates, which means it can be
updated regularly with new features via the Microsoft Store.

Windows 11 will also include the capabilities that have been
previously tested in the Windows Insider program. These
features include DoH (DNS over HTTPS), a new Windows clipboard,
a new touch keyboard, Microsoft Edge integration in Task
Manager, GUI support in Windows Subsystems for Linux, and more.

We’re also expecting new first-party apps for Windows.

For now, we need to wait for Microsoft to spill the beans on
everything at the June 24 event.

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