Microsoft Teams update to improve Together Mode shared virtual rooms

Microsoft Teams Together mode

Microsoft has been working on a number of new additions to
support remote workplace and education. In the next
Microsoft Teams update, meetings are about to get even more
interactive thanks to the new and improved Together mode, which
is designed for everyone.

Together mode was introduced last year and more customers
started using the feature in 2021. Together mode uses “AI
segmentation technology” to create a live avatar for each
participant and then project it into a virtual lecture room.
All participants appear in the virtual room to create a real
like-like conferencing environment.

Together mode has been created to make meetings more engaging
and it also aims to project users in a way that would make the
online conference feel like a real-life meeting. However,
meeting organizers are currently required to use backgrounds
created by Microsoft in their Together mode virtual rooms.

As per an update to the roadmap,
Microsoft Teams will allow developers and users to create their
own background options and upload them to the Teams library
within their organization.

This feature is will allow anyone with skills to build their
own scenes and improve the overall meeting experience.
Creators, developers and professionals can create their
immersive scenes and go beyond simply video conferencing in
their organization.

Support for custom Together mode backgrounds will be introduced
in June 2021, as per the roadmap.

New meeting controls

To support remote education and improve engagement in online
classes, Microsoft Teams added support for the raise hands
feature last year. As the name suggests, it basically allows
anyone to click on a button within the top menu to ask a
question during busy meetings.

To reduce spam, Microsoft Teams is getting a new option that
will allow organizers and presenters to lower all raised hands
from the participant pane.

For mobile users, Microsoft is introducing a new better
experience for Large Gallery mode on Teams mobile. After the
update, you can quickly swipe through all the participants in a

In addition,
Microsoft Teams mobile is also getting support for the
immersive reader, a new feature that will allow the app to
read chats and posts out loud on your device, a which that was
previously exclusive to the desktop app.

This functionality is coming to iOS and Android devices later
this June.

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