Microsoft Teams update is rolling out with new dark UI, Fluent Design icons

Microsoft Teams dark UI

Microsoft has been working hard on enabling Fluent Design for
Windows 10 and Microsoft 365 products, and it’s now started
rolling out new icons for Microsoft Teams with version

As part of the redesign, which Microsoft calls “Fluent Design”
or “modern design”, Teams for Windows 10 is getting updated
with new rounded icons for various buttons, such as
conversation, meeting notes, participants and more.

In addition to Fluent Design icons, Microsoft Teams is also
getting a darker dark theme, which is activated automatically
if you’re already using dark mode. The update appears to be
rolling out in phases, with users first getting access to the
new dark mode and then new icons.

Microsoft Teams dark mode

This update also includes new background colours and styling
changes for Windows, macOS and all web browsers.

As you can see in the above screenshot, Microsoft Teams now
features a subtly tweaked dark mode, which is now darker
(black). Microsoft has also updated the background colours and
the bright purple colour has been removed from Teams dark

The left navigation pane now uses Fluent Design drop shadows to
enable modern appearance and the effect is apparently more
visible in the light theme.

Microsoft Teams light mode

In addition to styling changes, Fluent Design icons with
rounded corners are now available as well.

Microsoft Teams icons

These changes were first introduced in January in the new
Public Preview of Teams – a new program that the Redmond firm
launched early this year to test bigger changes with a group of

Microsoft Teams polls integration to get even better

Later this month, Microsoft is also planning to start rolling
out new features for the built-in polls tab in Teams. One of
the new features is ‘intelligent poll suggestions’, which has
been designed to help organizers create polls optimized for the
current meeting and
improve engagement in Teams.

Plus, there’ll be a new optional feature to add text answers in

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