Microsoft Teams to give users greater control over Microsoft Office

Microsoft Teams Office integration

Microsoft Team is a collaboration platform and Microsoft Office
integration is one of the most important features. At the
moment, if you’re working with files in Teams, opening files
like document (Docx) and PowerPoint (ppt) is easy. You need to
click on the file and it will automatically open in the

Microsoft Teams currently forces its own built-in Office viewer
or web version of Office, but this will change soon on Windows
and macOS. In the near future, you’ll be able to open the file
in a browser, Teams desktop app or standalone Office apps. The
upcoming Microsoft Teams update will allow users to set a
default option for opening files via Teams.

The option will be offered for Microsoft Word, Excel, and
PowerPoint apps. If you choose to open the file within
Microsoft Teams’ Office viewer, the platform will automatically
save changes to the original file, but this may not happen if
you open the files in older Office desktop apps.

Microsoft Teams Office

As you can see in the above screenshot, you can change the
default setting by heading to Settings > General. On the
next screen, scroll down to the Files section and you will see
a new dropmenu menu. Clicking on the dropdown menu will let you
choose between these options:

  • Teams: Office viewer will automatically within Teams client
    to help users view documents or presentations.
  • Desktop app: Microsoft Teams will automatically open Office
    client on Windows or macOS.
  • Browser: Microsoft Teams will automatically open
    documents in Office web, but users cannot make changes to the

You can also click on the three dots option next to the shared
file and directly change the default selection, as shown in the
below screen.

Office default app for Teams

Or you can even manage the default Office integration from the
“Files” section of Microsoft Teams.

Office integration in Teams

Microsoft Teams PowerPoint translation

Microsoft Teams slide translation feature for PowerPoint Live
presentation is now rolling out to users in the production
channel. This feature was first announced in May and it’s now
widely available for users.

As the name suggests, Microsoft Teams will finally allow
attendees to translate their slides on their own. The
translation option will only be offered if the presentation is
powered by the PowerPoint Live feature of Microsoft Teams. The
company is planning to support nineteen languages, such as
English, Spanish, German, French, Hindi, and Chinese.

PowerPoint translation in Teams

In addition to improved Office apps integration,
Microsoft is also working on a new web-based Teams client
for Windows 11 and Windows 10. Unlike the current Teams app,
the new Teams 2.0 will offer better performance and fewer
settings/controls, but it will be initially optimized for

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