Microsoft Teams push-to-talk to arrive in February for Windows & macOS

Microsoft Teams push to talk

When you’re using meeting platforms like Microsoft Teams,
Google Meet or Zoom, background noise and busy environments can
overwhelm the speakers, and pick up all sorts of unwanted
background noise. In meeting apps or apps like Discord or
Steam, you can use the push-to-talk feature to mute the mic
until you’re ready to speak.

Popular collaboration and meeting platform Microsoft Teams
currently allows users to mute and unmute their microphones by
simply clicking on a mute button within the desktop client.

Microsoft Teams also supports Ctrl+Shift+M keyboard shortcut to
switch between mute and unmute, but this feature is not useful
when users unmute their mics and then forget to switch back to
the mute state.

Microsoft understands that it may be difficult to avoid the
sound of a friend or family member’s voice when you’re in a
Teams meeting. Thankfully, the company has been working on
support for built-in push-to-talk.

This change will allow you to enable push-to-talk in Teams to
mute your mic automatically until you’re ready to hit the
keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + Spacebar) or Option + Space. With
this feature, Microsoft plans to make it easier for
participants or attendees to attend the meeting when they’re in
a noisy environment.

“Introducing the capability to allow meeting participants to
temporarily unmute by press Ctrl +Space (Windows) and Option +
Space (macOS) to speak,” Microsoft noted in the updated

After the update, you will be able to temporarily unmute your
mic by pressing Ctrl +Space (Windows) and Option + Space

At the moment, Microsoft Teams push-to-talk capability is
rolling out to Government Community Customers (GCC). The
feature will be rolled out to the general public using Windows
and macOS in February 2022.

Other improvements coming to Microsoft Teams

In addition to push-to-talk capability, Microsoft Teams is also
expected to get new features to customize the notifications
that appear in the activity feed. For those unaware, Activity
Feed in Microsoft Teams includes message replies, @mentions,
and emoji reactions.

The upcoming update will allow users to disable reactions and
finally prevent specific app notifications. You’ll be able to
configure the new Activity Feed alerts by clicking on the bell
icon visible in the top left corner of the Teams desktop
client. Once done, select the “Turn off all reactions” option.

Microsoft is also working on new features to help users
distractions in Teams and improve personal chat experience.

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