Microsoft Teams new feature could be a game changer for your meetings

Microsoft Teams new feature

As many employees and students have been forced to stay at home
recently, there has been a huge uptick in the market share of
Microsoft Teams. Microsoft recently announced new features for
Teams that will make it easier for new and existing users to
conduct remote meetings when their background is noisy.

To help users avoid background noises during meetings,
Microsoft launched a real-time background noise suppression
feature. This functionality was first announced in March and it
was released to desktop users last month, and it’s now finally
coming to mobile devices next year.

In a new statement, Microsoft confirmed that it’s planning to
bring this excellent feature to macOS and mobile devices
(Android and iOS) soon.

Once the feature is available in your Microsoft Teams app for
Windows 10 and mobile devices, you’ll see a “Noise suppression”
drop-down menu.

Noise suppression mode

Microsoft Teams noise suppression feature will analyze your
audio feed and its homegrown deep neural networks will identify
the ‘noise’. Once the noise has been identified in your audio
channel, Microsoft will only retain speech and suppress various
annoying noises, such as fan, plastic wrapper, etc.

Noise suppression feature in Teams is based on a data of 760
hours of clean speech and 180 hours of noise. In addition,
Microsoft has collected the data from 10+ languages and both
male and female users to ensure that the meaning of a sentence
remains unmodified.

Microsoft Teams is also using data from more than 115,000
synthetically created rooms in different locations.

The machine learning algorithm has been trained to understand
the difference between real speech and unnatural noise, but the
approach is not flawless and you might notice bugs depending on
the background noise and your accent.

In that case, you can turn off the feature from the Settings or
switch back to ‘Automatic’ noise supression.

Fortunately, there are plans to develop improved versions of
the ML model with additional data from different languages.

In addition to the new noise suppression mode, Microsoft Teams
is also getting new customization badges,
native notification support,
new search experience, and more.

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