Microsoft Teams may finally be about to get these useful features

Microsoft Teams for Windows 10 and macOS is getting a new
update that will give users greater control over conversations.

Microsoft Teams currently allows staff and users to communicate
from anywhere – via text, voice or video conference. Both free
and paid version of Microsoft Teams allows users to communicate
via chat, but the desktop app is currently lacking support for
‘pinned posts’.

Microsoft is now rolling out a new feature that will allow
users to pin any message in a channel. A pinned message will be
visible to all members of the organization in the channel and
it can be unpinned anytime. Microsoft is also allowing users to
pin videos or even GIFs as long as they’re in the channel

In addition, Microsoft is finally rolling out the
new pre-join
meeting experience for Teams meetings. The new pre-join UI
will allow you to easily configure your audio, video, and
device before entering the meeting.

Teams new meeting screen

In the new experience, you’ll be able to verify your audio and
video devices before entering the meeting. This will help you
prevent situations like your hardware not working properly in a
live meeting. Of course, you can always change the settings
after joining the meeting.

Other features including ‘Polls for Teams’ is also rolling out
to users.
Polls integration will organizers to conduct more engaging and
productive meetings, and you’ll be able to manage all your
polls under a tab in the Teams meeting.

Early next year, Microsoft will finally allow you to save your
meeting recordings to your OneDrive personal accounts. In
addition, the tech giant plans to introduce new automatic
retention labels and the ability to save meetings to

Later this, Microsoft will also enable
support for multiple accounts in Teams for your personal

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