Microsoft Teams macOS native notification is now rolling out

Earlier this year, Microsoft enabled native notification
support for Microsoft Teams on Windows 10 and the company
promised that it will bring the same feature to macOS. In the
last week of July, Microsoft finally started rolling out the
native notification support to macOS.

Microsoft has now enabled Teams native notification support for
some users, but this won’t be the new default behaviour for
existing users. Users can choose how they want to have Teams
notifications delivered. If they want to rely on the macOS
notification center, they can select the new native
notifications option.

In a forum
post, Microsoft noted that Teams native notification
support is now available for anyone with macOS 10.5 or newer.
Additionally, Microsoft Teams will now also honour macOS
built-in Do No Disturb feature, Notification center triaging
and more, according to another statement from the company.

“We are thrilled to share that Teams now supports Mac OS
notifications on Mac OS 10.15 and above. With release of this
feature, Teams honours OS notification features such as Do No
Disturb, Notification center triaging and more,” the company

How to enable macOS native notifications in Teams

  1. Open Teams > Settings.
  2. Open Notifications tabs.
    Teams macOS native
  3. Under Appearance and sound > Notification style, select
    “Mac” from the dropdown options. This will switch Teams to
    native notifications.
    Teams native notifications
  4. Enable notifications permission for Teams. Or open macOS
    System Preferences > Notifications and select the “Allow
    Notifications” option for Microsoft Teams.

Once enabled, you will begin seeing Teams notifications from
your conversations, activities or channels in the operating
system’s notification center. This feature is completely
optional and it requires macOS 10.15 or newer.

For existing users, Microsoft won’t change the notification
system without the user permission. However, Microsoft Teams
will automatically use native notifications for new customers.

“Default style is Teams purple, with this change to native
notifications the user will benefit from support for assist
mode, action center, accessibility and more,” the company said
in roadmap
update. This change will also apply to macOS.

Microsoft also recently updated Teams for Windows with a new
backend powered by Microsoft Edge WebView. The brand new Microsoft
Teams is set to replace the Electron desktop app on
Windows, but it will be exclusive to users with personal

Additionally, Microsoft is also experimenting with improved

Office apps integration in Teams and as well as new options
for meeting recordings.

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