Microsoft Teams is getting Windows 11’s Mica design update

Microsoft Teams for Windows 11

Microsoft Teams is getting a new Microsoft Edge-based app for
the release of Windows 11, the company has confirmed. This new
client is currently called “Microsoft
Teams 2.0” and it is likely to play a more central role in
the company’s consumer offering for collaboration and
communication tools.

A new update is now rolling out to Microsoft Teams 2.0 and it
finally enables support for Windows 11’s Mica, which is an
opaque and dynamic material that applies theme and desktop
wallpaper to the background of active windows. Since Teams
2.0 is based on Teams for the web, this design refresh appears
to be rolling out via a server-side update.

The mica effect is applied to the app’s background to create a
visual hierarchy and increase the clarity of the active window.
Microsoft officials have previously confirmed that Mica is
specifically designed for performance and it is generally
faster than Fluent Design’s acrylic effect.

Microsoft Teams Mica

As you can see in the above and below screenshots, the Teams
title bar now respects the theme and wallpaper selected by the

Teams mica

It is worth noting that the Mica effect is turned off
automatically if battery saver mode is activated, the app
window is not being actively used, the Windows version is below
22000 (i.e you’ve Windows 10″, and when you’re running the app
on low-end hardware. It may also not work when proper
graphics drivers are not present.

About Microsoft Teams 2.0

Microsoft Teams 2.0 is available for personal accounts only and
Microsoft is planning to focus on the existing Electron client
for businesses/schools. This new Teams app is currently in
preview but it works really well.

The app is officially available for Windows 11 and it can be
downloaded by launching the Chat app from the taskbar.

At first glance, this new preview app doesn’t look any
different from the Microsoft Teams website, but it does feel
much faster than an Electron-powered desktop client.
Additionally, you can now resize the app windows, and access
features like the ability to quote replies directly from the
conversation tab.

Like the desktop client, Teams 2.0 also features support for
calling, messaging, audio controls, meeting management, and
native Windows notifications. The Teams app offers a simple and
straightforward meeting experience, and it’s integrated into
the Windows 11 Chat app.

You can find other people on Microsoft’s network using your
email address, phone number, Skype, or

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