Microsoft Teams is getting video filters, improved profile card and more

Microsoft Teams video filters

Microsoft Teams has become a popular pick for collaboration and
video conferencing solutions in 2021. It may be for meetings,
online classes, events, and even personal meetings with
friends. Teams client is regularly updated with new features
and the next big release could introduce support for filters
that are already available in Zoom.

Microsoft Teams filter support is expected to improve your
meeting experience. As you’re aware, filters are popular in
apps Snapchat and Facebook Messenger. Filters typically consist
of cool or weird graphics or animations that overlay your
videos. However, Microsoft filters will be focused on
professionals, so the filters will only improve lighting

As per the roadmap, Microsoft Teams filters support is set to
arrive in March 20221. The feature will allow users to adjust
their lighting levels and facial features before joining a
meeting. For example, you can use Teams new feature to smooth
out facial features tof customize your appearance.

Teams filters will be particularly helpful for those using a
low-pixels camera or their background is dark.

Additionally, Microsoft is also testing real-time and
post-meeting transcripts support for GCC users.

“This will help users in real-time recall what has been spoken
during the meeting as well as review the meeting after the
fact,” Microsoft said in
the updated roadmap.

Other upcoming features are:

  • You can soon find out the local time of the people in your
    organization. This information will be displayed on the profile
  • Microsoft is adding a new feature to iOS client to
    automatically answer incoming meeting nudges with their video
  • Microsoft is working on end-to-end encryption for real-time
    media collaboration. When enabled, communication between two
    parties will be end-to-end encrypted in the Teams app.

In addition to these quality improvements,
Microsoft Teams is also getting support for push-to-talk on
both Windows and macOS, but this new feature is not expected
until at least February 2022.

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