Microsoft Teams is getting new meeting and breakout rooms features

Microsoft Teams desktop

Microsoft Teams is getting new meeting and breakout rooms
features as part of the upcoming update.

For those unaware, the Microsoft Teams Breakout rooms feature
was first introduced last year and it basically allows users to
create brainstorming sessions by splitting meetings into
different groups.

Breakout rooms feature was recently updated with better
controls and it is now getting a new feature that will allow
organizers to select managers for the groups. These managers
can now manage rooms, set timers, customize the settings of
Microsoft Teams meetings, and open/close the rooms.

It is worth noting that users must be part of the organization
to manage rooms and access rooms’ settings. It is not available
for external users. Additionally, Microsoft has confirmed that
the presenter can manage one room at a time. For now, the
ability to manage several rooms will require the organizer’s

Microsoft Teams breakout rooms feature is getting these new

  • Ability to bulk create or delete rooms, and add/rename
    individual rooms.
  • You’ll be able to configure meeting options for each room
    or adjust settings using a timer.
  • Teams is getting the ability to pre-assign participants and
    select breakout rooms managers easily.

New meeting controls for participants

Microsoft Teams’ new update will allow attendees to pin their
own video on the front page of the Teams meeting. The pinned
video will appear alongside other participants.

Additionally, users will be able to hide their own video
preview which appears at the bottom right corner of the
meetings. You’ll be able to turn off the self-view in Teams
from the meetings settings.

Microsoft is also experimenting with other improvements. For
example, Microsoft will allow managers, teachers or moderators
to delete messages from other people. Right now, you can only
delete your own messages and it is not possible to delete
messages sent by other people of the organizations.

Using this new moderation feature, you’ll be able to delete
unwanted or irrelevant messages in Teams. This feature has been
designed to improve the quality of online education and it will
be released for Microsoft Education users first.

It will begin rolling out to Microsoft Teams users in GCC, GCC
High, and DoD channels later this year.

Microsoft is also testing support for Windows 11 Mica-style
design for Teams app window, but this feature will be
exclusive to Microsoft Teams 2.0 client.

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