Microsoft Teams is getting annotations support for PowerPoint slides

Microsoft Teams and PowerPoint

Microsoft Teams for Windows 10 and macOS has added a couple of
neat new features including new
PowerPoint Live integration and ability to delete private
chats. The desktop client is now getting support for a
full-fledged annotations tool later this month, and it’ll work
with existing PowerPoint Live integration.

This new feature is coming as part of the June 2021 update and
has been under testing for a few months now. When you upload a
PowerPoint slide to Microsoft Teams using PowerPoint Live
integration, you can soon annotate your slides with a toolset
that is familiar to anyone that has ever used the annotations

When asked, Microsoft explained that this feature is designed
for organizers/presenters and it can be used as a “virtual
laser pointer” to make ink annotations, so the audience can
easily follow along. This feature is particularly useful for
educational institutes as teachers can highlight different
points using annotations.

Microsoft Teams annotations

“The active “in control” presenter will be able to use these
new annotation tools. These tools enable presenters to better
express or add content and engage more with their audience by
drawing attention to certain sections within the PowerPoint
slide show,” the company said.

Microsoft Teams annotation

As you can see in the above screenshot, the small section tools
will appear below the slides after they’ve been uploaded using
PowerPoint Live. The tools include various pens and multiple

The company also shared the following details:

  • Annotations are accessible only during the active meeting
    of Microsoft Teams and they won’t be saved to your PowerPoint
    file. In other words, after the meeting has ended, you cannot
    get your annotations back, which makes sense as the feature is
    designed to improve engagement.
  • Attendees who joined the meeting late will be able to see
    the annotations made when they were away.
  • Annotations feature will remain exclusive to desktop
    (Windows and Mac) and users won’t be able to enable it using
    Microsoft Teams on Android/iOS. However, annotations will be
    visible across all platforms.

Microsoft is currently planning to start the rollout in the
coming days.

In addition to the annotations toolset,
Microsoft Teams is also getting support for native
notifications on macOS this month and the feature is now
available for those part of the company’s preview program.

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