Microsoft Teams is finally getting push-to-talk on desktop

Microsoft Teams push-to-talk

Microsoft Teams received support for push-to-talk “Walkie
Talking” on mobile last year, and the feature is now heading to
desktops too. Microsoft has confirmed that it plans to enable a
new way keyboard shortcut to unmute yourself in an active
meeting, and it would be similar to the push-to-talk feature.

According to the Microsoft 365 roadmap, Microsoft Teams’
push-to-talk feature for Windows and macOS is currently under
development. The feature will be directly integrated directly
into the Microsoft Teams desktop app and it can be activated by
pressing “Ctrl Spacebar”

“Introducing the capability to allow meeting participants to
temporarily unmute by press “Ctrl Spacebar” to speak,” the
reads. In other words, you can press and hold “Ctrl
Spacebar”, and release the button to listen (mute).

The functionality has been designed to empower users working
from home and it will be released for beta testing soon.

Microsoft Teams new polling and search feature

The Redmond giant is also working on a new polling experience
for Teams. The new Polls app aims to offer a more discoverable
poll experience and it will still allow users to add polls to
meetings and public/private chats.

The overall experience and features will remain the same.
Microsoft will also retire the existing Forms app to streamline
the polling experience within the collaboration tools.

Additionally, Microsoft Teams search functionality is set to
get improvements in the coming weeks or months. As part of the
Teams update, Microsoft is introducing a new “Top Hits” section
for the autosuggest results.

This feature will improve the search experience and help users
discover their files.

Microsoft Teams’ Top Hits feature is based on the existing
search experience in Teams and it lets you easily find your
synced or uploaded files and people in your circle.

Microsoft is also working on a new feature that will surface
more relevant results on the Teams’ search page. To improve the
search results, Microsoft will now help users understand why a
particular item has popped up for the search query.

It’s worth noting that Microsoft is still experimenting with
these improvements and it will be rolling out to the general
public in the coming months. If you want to try the new search
feature today, open Teams about > Public preview, and enable
public preview.

Additionally, Microsoft is working on new messaging features
for the existing desktop client and
Microsoft Teams 2.0 on Windows 11.

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