Microsoft Teams is finally getting much-needed meeting features

Microsoft Teams new meeting features

Microsoft Teams users on the desktop can now split the meeting
into smaller groups called ‘rooms’ and customize the meeting
environment with new Together mode scenes. The update with
these new features is rolling out to Microsoft Teams users in
both consumer and government channels.

The virtual breakout rooms feature was first released to users
in the government cloud channel last yesterday. Microsoft will
now begin pushing the feature to more users, which means
organizers can split participants into smaller groups to
encourage teamwork.

The virtual rooms feature is particularly helpful for education
institutes as it will encourage students to discuss a topic in
their private room and take notes with Whiteboard, and then
come back to the main meeting.

Teams breakout virtual rooms

Microsoft also believes that the virtual rooms feature will
offer a new “safe and secure place to meet”.

Together mode

Microsoft Teams web users are finally receiving support for
Together mode. This will allow users to directly access the
Together mode-enabled meetings in their web browsers, such as
Chrome or Edge.

For those unaware, Together mode allows participants to sit
beside other participants in a real life-like virtual
environment. With today’s update, Together mode is expanding to
web and getting better in the desktop app with support for

Teams together mode scenesFor the desktop app,
Microsoft is enabling support for
new background scenes when the meeting is in the Together
mode. This will allow users to customize the background of
the meetings and turn the conference into a gathering at a
coffee shop, conference room, etc.

In addition to Together mode, web users can now collaborate
with up to 49 participants on the screen at once in the web
browser. Support for Large gallery layout, which can hold up to
49 participants, is aimed at users that previously struggled to
find space for attendees when video conferencing from a

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