Microsoft Teams is finally getting automatic meeting recording

Microsoft Teams automatic recording

The Microsoft Teams desktop app has been working on meeting
improvements for some time now with helpful features like

new mute controls live in several regions. Now, Microsoft
is preparing an enhancement to the existing meeting recording
feature that sees Teams for Windows and macOS automatically
recording meetings.

Unlike Microsoft Teams, Zoom has always offered the ability to
automatically record meetings. On the other hand, if you use
Microsoft Teams, there’s really nothing to be done right now.
This basic functionality is currently missing in Microsoft
Teams for unknown reasons and nothing official has been
released until now.

In the upcoming update, it appears that the software maker will
enable users to have the Microsoft Teams automatically start a
recording when the meeting starts. It seems like a great idea
for educations institutes where it’s nice to have the meetings
recorded automatically.

For privacy reasons, an alert message will still be displayed
to all participants to notify them about the recording.

This update was quietly confirmed by Microsoft on
the UserVoice forum. On the UserVoice forum, the tech giant
stated they’re working on addressing the request for auto
meeting recordings and they “will share an update as soon as
one is available”.

Right now, it’s unclear when the company intends to launch this
feature and when it will be enabled for mobile users. It’s
important to remember that Microsoft may or may not enable the
automatic meeting recording feature in the next big update,
which is due to land later this month.

Microsoft Teams is getting other improvements in the latest

Over the weekend, Microsoft has also started rolling out a new
presence status “Out of Office” for more users. After the
update, you can switch to “Out of Office” as your Teams status,
which will be displayed when your colleagues reach out via chat
or call.

In addition, Microsoft’s Outlook Calendar will get updated
automatically to reflect the new presence status.

As part of the next big update,
Microsoft is planning to enable support for native
notifications and
noise suppression on macOS, Dynamic View with Presenter
View, and more.

Keep in mind that there’s no guarantee these features will be
enabled in the next update as Microsoft’s plans are always
subject to change.

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