Microsoft Teams gets better attendance system, 7×7 grid layout and more

Microsoft Teams is getting another update this week that will
allow you to see more people in a meeting. For those using
mobile devices, Microsoft says the update will also optimize
the Teams app for low bandwidth connections, so you can easily
access chat and upload files.

In the latest version of Microsoft Teams, you can now view up
to 49 participants at once in a 7×7 grid layout. The feature
works on Windows and you will need to enable the new
multi-window meeting experience.

Before, it was only possible to communicate with only 9
participants on a Teams call, which is not good enough for
large conferences or online classes.

With the new Microsoft Teams version, Microsoft is finally
bringing Zoom-like gallery layout that surfaces every
participant on one screen, as shown in the screenshot below.

Microsoft Teams grid layout

In addition, Microsoft says educators can create breakout rooms
and allow participants to discuss their assignments and
collaborate in small groups.

Attendance system improvements

Microsoft Teams will now allow organizers and educators to
download a list of participants at the end of a meeting.
Previously, it was only possible to download the attendance
report during a meeting or when the participants were present
in the session.

After the update, organizers will be able to click on the
‘Download’ button to obtain the attendance report after the
meeting. This feature is especially helpful for teachers if
they want to download attendance reports for meetings at the
end of the day.

Teams attendance report

In the report, Microsoft says you can view the duration and
meeting start time for all attendees along with their email

Bandwidth optimization

Microsoft is also rolling out a new update to Android and iOS
users with support for improved bandwidth optimization.

This will improve latency, reliability, and even network
quality detection logic to help users quickly upload and access

For desktop users,
Microsoft is rolling out a new offline mode that will queue
up your messages when your device is offline and deliver them
when you’re connected to the internet again.

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