Microsoft Teams Breakout Rooms feature is rolling out to select users

Microsoft Teams rooms update

Microsoft Teams Breakout Rooms feature has started rolling out
to some users in the Government Community Cloud (GCC) channel.
This feature will only be available to select
users/organizations at first, but it will begin rolling out to
teachers, educators and those with a personal account in the
coming weeks or months.

Breakout Rooms feature in Microsoft Teams will give the meeting
administrators the ability to split users into smaller group to
improve engagement and encourage teamwork.

To get the new breakout rooms option, make sure that you’ve
access to Teams meeting settings and you’ve enabled “new
meeting experience” within General settings of the desktop
client. Once done, you should be able to view the ‘rooms’ icon
in the menu.

Teams breakout rooms

Note that the rollout is being done in a controlled manner out
and it’s only available to Government Community Cloud users.
Others will see the options soon.

Breakout rooms options

Microsoft will allow both organizers and participants to access
the breakout rooms and up to 50 rooms can be created. Users can
also create breakout rooms in scheduled private meetings and
private meet now meetings, and organizers will be able to hop
between the rooms anytime.

Features for organizers:

  • Allows organizers to configure room on the desktop client.
  • Manage rooms, visit the rooms, and switch between them
  • Organizers can add, remove, delete and rename rooms.
    Organizers can also reassign room participants before and
    during the meetings.

It’s worth noting that rooms can be created from the desktop
client only, but users should be able to join the calls from
Windows, macOS, iOS, Android or web client.

According to the roadmap, Microsoft will allow users to set up
breakout rooms from Android phones in March 2021.

Presenters in the breakout rooms will have access to
Whiteboard, notes and other features, but the participants
cannot add others to meeting chat.

Meeting experience

Microsoft Teams will block participants from navigating between
the rooms and the only organizer will have access to this

In addition, participants cannot join the breakout room when
they try to content from multiple devices.

Later this month, Microsoft will also begin rolling out

Together mode improvements including scenes mode to users.

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