Microsoft Teams admin center is down with “Failed to get ECS” error

Microsoft Teams for Windows

Microsoft Teams admin center has been down for a number of
users on September 17, primarily in the United States and
Europe, for at least one hour. Users have posted they’re unable
to access Microsoft Teams admin center with error
FAILED_TO_GET_ECS or “something has happened”.

“I am having trouble logging into the Teams admin center right
now. Is it down at the moment? Getting an error code
FAILED_TO_GET_ECS,” one user posted on Twitter and there are
several such complaints on Reddit.

Fortunately, Microsoft officials posted that they’re aware
of issues with Microsoft Teams admin center and they’ll
mitigate the issue soon while users continue to report

Microsoft Teams ECS error

In a statement, Microsoft has confirmed that they’re
“investigating an issue where some customers are unable to
access the Teams admin center”.

As per an update posted at 8:26 am EST, Microsoft is currently
still investigating the reports and the tech giant will share
more details soon.

“Some admins may be unable to access the Microsoft Teams admin
center. We’re investigating a potential issue with the
Microsoft Teams admin center. We’ll provide an update within 30
minutes,” the company said.

Update: Microsoft says the impact related to this problem
is now resolved. Additional details will be provided in your
admin center.

With many assigned to work remotely this morning and plus
numerous industry events being moved to virtual, there’s no
good time for Microsoft Teams portal to be down. We’ll update
this article when more details are available.

Microsoft Teams’ upcoming improvements

In related news, Microsoft appears to be working on a new
feature that will give users better control over privacy by
allowing them to disable messages previews during the meetings.

To facilitate this feature, Microsoft says it will add a new
setting called “Show message preview” to help you easily turn
off or on messages preview. In addition, Microsoft has also
confirmed that users will be allowed to configure native
notifications on Windows 10 and macOS.

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