Microsoft takes another step to kill off Internet Explorer

Microsoft is ending support for Microsoft accounts and other
services in Internet Explorer on November 13. This move comes
after Microsoft confirmed that it would
phase out support for Internet Explorer 11 in the coming

Microsoft is ending support for Office 365 services for
Internet Explore next year. Ahead of the end of support,
Microsoft has now issued a new warning for organizations or
users still using Internet Explorer.

We’ve obtained a copy of an email sent to businesses and
organizations that warns Internet Explorer will lose support
for Microsoft accounts and apps/services on November 13, 2020.

Microsoft says it will end support of Internet Explorer for My
Apps, My Account, My Access, and My Groups beginning November
13, 2020. The company recommends users to use Microsoft Edge,
Chrome, or Firefox.

“You are receiving this message because our reporting indicates
your organization may be using Internet Explorer to access My
Apps, My Account, My Access, and My Group,” the email reads.

Microsoft is currently sending the above email to customers
part of organizations with active Microsoft 365 subscription.
If you recently used Internet Explorer to access any of your
Microsoft services, you might receive the email later this

“Users will no longer be able to use Internet Explorer to
access My Apps, My Account, My Access, and My Groups, when this
change is implemented,” the company stated in the email.

Internet Explorer end of support
Image Courtesy: Microsoft

Internet Explorer is not as popular as it once was and
Microsoft is now focusing on Chromium-based Edge browser. In
August, Microsoft confirmed that it will drop support for
Office 365, OneDrive, Outlook, etc in 2021 for users still
using the Internet Explorer 11.

If you want to use Internet Explorer to access older websites,
Microsoft says you use the new Internet Explorer legacy mode in
Microsoft Edge. This feature is designed to help organizations
and even users access old sites that were designed for
Microsoft’s legacy browser.

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