Microsoft Surface Pro 6 is internally codenamed Carmel

Microsoft Surface Pro
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Microsoft is reportedly working on Surface Pro 6 and it might
be closer to launch than we think, despite rumours that
Microsoft could hold it back for a little longer. The new
report coming from a reliable source revealed that Surface
Pro 6 is still on the table but it does not have a release date

Although the report does not include any details, it’s living
proof that the software giant is working on Surface Pro 6. But
as we are talking about Microsoft’s hardware release schedule,
there’s always a chance of delays.

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 is internally codenamed, Carmel. The
device is still being developed and Surface Pro lineup will be
refreshed soon.

Speaking of Surface Pro 6, little is known so far, but there’s
no doubt it will come with upgraded hardware, improved design
and features, however, it will be similar to the existing
Surface Pro lineup.

We’ll learn more about the Microsoft Surface Pro 6 in the
coming months as we get closer to the debut of the rumoured and
to Microsoft’s hardware event.

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